News Soon you Puke

I listen to way too much news. I feel if When i don’t, I’ll miss the Minute Coming, spreading Tsunami, in forthcoming meteor, rising melt water by glaciers, a solar flare that will fry me, alien invasion or next terror attack that was promised for the past some years. Since I don’t would like to miss these things, I listen to way too much news.

Beause I listen to way too much news, I know way an excessive amount about beheadinigs and bullet riddled figures. I know way too considerably about car bombs and body parts lying around. A few days ago they found some dozen heads in boxes with Iraq. This is no strategy to get ahead in war. I wish I didn’t be aware of that, but I do. It makes me wonder the spot that the rest of them went. I only know this material because I watch and listen to way too much news.

I know too many darn opinions about way too much stuff. I used to focus on Limbaugh, but I don’t think he / she believes himself sometimes and O’Reilly is way too angry, smart assed in addition to repressed for my taste, but I’m sure about these guys, because I listen to way too much news. I did hear some things… in the news in relation to their personal lives, and that had been pretty cool to know they aren’t as righteous since they would have me believe. I learned that on the the news. I listen to way too much you know. I listen to help Air America. Now that’s a reasonably newsy bunch if ever there seemed to be one. I like them. They scare the hell outside of me, but I like these individuals. They say everything about federal and this administration that all the other news I read about these individuals makes me think. They make me feel which the thoughts I have about about all the other news I read about is in least normal. At least I don’t feel so alone around my reaction to all the news I read way too much of.

I know way an excessive amount about Politicians, especially Republican ones that love Jesus a whole lot, some of them seem to love making war an increasing number of so he can return or something seems like. They make love too, but often often get caught doing it while using the wrong people and even an incorrect sex. Yikes, but honest, I read it from the news. I read Mrs. Bush moved outside the Whitehouse recently because Mr. Web design manager was goofin around with… very well, others. Wow, that’s pretty considerably big news. Didn’t see the item on Fox or AOL nevertheless, so maybe it’s not announcement, or maybe it is but is not news for the masses, exactly who knows? Some news tells me I won’t see this news on what is this great because they won’t make the item news, so I guess most of us lose. Gosh, the news even tells me that it President might not even really do the real President and that lots of people had their vote thrown available, OK Democratic voters did. Now that has to be depressing, but seems true to my opinion. I hear it is legitimate, from the news, twice!

With the news, I know way too considerably about CEO’s who take way too much from everyone else to greatly enhance themselves. I mean a Great deal of them do. The news fills me in on how much Congressmen and Reps take on the public till, but CEO’s have become pretty darn good at the item too. I see it from the news. Million dollar birthday get-togethers, retirements that make God envious since now he doesn’t own each of the cattle on a thousand hills of course. That former CEO does! Or at the very least he can. Smirking chimps many, because they always seem so sorry Whenever they get caught, and so shocked since they are soooooo innocent, but I just bet if not a soul noticed, they’d not be sorry a tad and take some more. ; however , at least later, we’d have more news. I read in what is this great where Enron just didn’t provide the power they said many people didn’t have, but did and got big bucks from old people in California seeking to keep warm or cool… When i forget which. Made me kind of mad. Those guys went to help jail, but I hope we don’t read from the news that their best pal, Mr. President, pardons them or something on his way to avoid the door. I read from the news he can do of which. It concerns me because I also read anytime the President left Texas seeing that Governor and was asked who’d clean up after all this damage he did, he said ıt had been not his problem. I hope I don’t understand he said that again when he leave office these times. I bet he does. I read in the news once men and women don’t change much in their lives and what we were looking at they still are usually.

Why do I do that to myself… you know, reading and enjoying all the news and opinions around the news and the people from the news who make the news and wish what is this great never found them? How many heads in boxes do I want to know about or squashed mankind in earthquakes? I have to mention, I am worried that if I don’t sustain the news, I’ll miss the really big one, whatever that may very well be. I tried once to not watch or focus on the news or the viewpoints the big boys have concerning this, but it didn’t work. I bought nervous not knowing what When i was missing. I read from the news once where they want us for being nervous about the news because fear makes a superb factor in controlling us and changing each of the rules so we don’t develop the same freedoms we had previous to they made us afraid. Gosh, Could not win with this news matter! Now I even read news about why what is this great is the way it is usually!
I read once where what exactly I thought was news got not. It was more such as a government advertisement that was meant to look like news. But many people got caught. I saw that within the news.

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